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Jeanine Buckley

My name is Jeanine. I've been a customer there for the past two years! I have the best experience each and every time I go there. Very Pleasant, a pleasure to do business with, and they always make you feel welcome! I recently went there to get my wedding dress shortened and fitted; their tailor Kerrianne was the sweetest woman, very accommodating, and did an excellent job on my dress to make my day extra special!

Jeanine B.


Corinne Reynolds


I just wanted to ask that you take me off your email and mailing lists.  I will be moving to Montana in the fall so I won't be needing to store my fur with you any longer.  Thanks for many years of good service.  It has been a pleasure knowing you and I truly love the job you did on re-styling my mom's mink for me.  
Your advice has always been welcomed.  I just wish I had been able to afford to re-style my grandmother's Persian coat into something that I would wear rather than to leave sitting in my closet. Again, if you know of anyone who would be interested in a full-length Persian fur, I'd appreciate their name/number or you may give them mine.  I last asked for the estimate about 2 yeas ago and you commented that the coat was in remarkably very good condition.
Again, thank you for your good service these past 15 or 16 years!
Corinne Reynolds
Kings Park, NY


What a surprise I got when I woke up Christmas morning to a full length fur, not just any fur but one from Dimitrios Furs. It was better than getting a new car and I couldn't wait to show it off to all of my friends and family. My boyfriend also gave me a guarantee that if for any reason I wasn't happy with it, I could bring it in to be resized or repaired. Love and happiness is being warm and with Dimitrios fur, I have been warm all winter. I can't thank you enough for bringing such joy in my life, may your business flourish forever.

Carolyne - Online Store Review - February 2017

I love my that I received from Dimitriosfurs. It look so good on me.
My son had just pulled in the drive way as the UPS bringing a large box,
he finally came in, I said feel it touch it. That look nice. I was so happy
thank you so. I will be calling you. in two months for my other coat we talk
about.Thank you again Dimitriosfurs!


Barron Harris - Found on Google Reviews - December 2016

5 Stars!

I phoned Mr. Dimitrios from Michigan looking for a full length mink coat for my wife. He sent me pictures and I found a Blue Iris for her. The coat was magnificent! She loves it!!! All business was transacted by phone very professionally. I can't wait to finally purchase something for myself! Truly an exceptional experience!

REVIEW RECEIVED ON OUR ETSY STORE 4/20/17: www.etsy.com/shop/DimitriosFurs

5 Stars!

This item arrived quickly, and is even prettier than it is in this photo! Beautiful quality, and very reasonably priced! My daughter can't wait to wear it at her wedding in December!!

- Amy Hardy

REVIEW RECEIVED ON OUR ETSY STORE 2/13/17: www.etsy.com/shop/DimitriosFurs

5 Stars!

This is a gorgeous mink stole. The color is rich and the fur is thick and looks fresh and new. I highly recommend going with this shop because he is a real third generation furrier. I did not want o buy some grandma's old fur that could smell or look like road kill. The stole came quickly with a garment bag and was monogrammed. Of course, you can return the item if not personalized. I am excited to go to a fancy event and wear this stole. Even my 21 year old daughter thought it was retro-cool and will borrow it.

- Dana Wiener

REVIEW RECEIVED ON OUR ETSY STORE 2/2/17: www.etsy.com/shop/DimitriosFurs

5 Stars!

Just BEAUTIFUL!!!! So very happy with my purchase. Thank you for free name, garment bag and hanger. I'm certain to be back again. Thank you?

- Diana Tosh Ferrazano

REVIEW RECEIVED ON OUR ETSY STORE 1/28/17: www.etsy.com/shop/DimitriosFurs

5 Stars!

The stole is lovely and it is a perfect fit. It's so soft and the condition of the pelts is excellent. I couldn't be happier with it.

- Peeryfarm

REVIEW RECEIVED ON OUR ETSY STORE 1/25/17: www.etsy.com/shop/DimitriosFurs

5 Stars!

Beautiful coat but too small and had to return it. Dimitrios was as gracious as always about the return and I will definitely shop with him again!

- monjimbeau

REVIEW RECEIVED ON OUR ETSY STORE 12/27/16: www.etsy.com/shop/DimitriosFurs

5 Stars!

This coat is beautiful and absolutely like the picture that Dimitri displayed! It is exactly what I was looking for - in length, and in style. So happy to have it! Also I appreciate the great service and shipping that Dimitri did, even during the Christmas holiday. And the garment bag included! And now I will be able to wear it for New Years Eve! I will definitely shop with Dimitrios Furs again!!

- monjimbeau

REVIEW RECEIVED ON OUR ETSY STORE 3/8/16: www.etsy.com/shop/DimitriosFurs

Beautiful color on coat! Team was very quick to reply to all of my questions. They even threw in a garment bag! What I love about Dimitrios Furs is their knowledge and expertise and that they are only selling quality furs. And the fact that I could return it if I didn't like it really sealed the deal. :) I won't be returning it though, and am looking forward to wearing it next season! - DP

Email Testimonial from Out-of-State Customer - 4-17-15:

Hi Dimitri, Good Morning. I just got an email notification from UPS that my coats were delivered to you.  I’m glad UPS was so reliable and successful about get my coats back to you.  I’m excited that you will still be my furrier and I know the coats are in good and expert hands.  There is no one here, in Santa Fe.  I even had looked up Albuquerque.  I have discovered that furs are not very big here.  Most people buy shearling instead of fur so I guess there is really no opportunity for furriers to do business.  Have a good rest of the day. Barbara G.

This is a review we received on Etsy where we sell previously loved furs. Full Length Golden Island Fox Coat with Horizontal Cut Sleeves Size 12

This coat is absolutely gorgeous! I have several other fox fur coats, and this one instantly became my new favorite. The colors of the fur are incredible and the fur is soft and thick. I know that not only will I stay warm in this beautiful coat, I'll feel glamorous doing so. Thanks for such a quick delivery, DimitriosFurs. I'm sure that I will stop by your store again!


Definitely the place to go if you want to get great furs at great prices. The owner is very helpful as you're making your purchase, and the coats themselves are of superb quality and style. This is a place that will more than satisfy your Christmas shopping list.

 Sheila C: 4/7/13: 

Dimitrios Furs is by far the best furrier on Long Island!! It's quality and perfection to detail is superb. Dimitri  also gives personal care and attention that separates his business from any other. I also had him update an older out of style mink coat into a new beautiful fur that i can continue to wear and love. I recommend making a trip to Dimitrios Furs and you'll never shop anywhere else again!

 Janet G: 4/2/13: 

I've always had an excellent experience storing my furs there.  The customer service exceeds the busy department stores by far, as there personal assistance always makes for a reassuring experience.  I have always received my furs back in the best condition ever. Rest assured that when you store your furs with Dimitris, you'll be happy you did!  Janet G - St. James

 Liz: 3/29/13:

You just can't beat the service!  My fur is always cleaned and stored to perfection.   Never a problem to get out of storage when I am ready for it.   I can't wait to get my next fur from Dimitris Furs!

Gene: 3/27/13: 

Purchased a Shearling for myself & a Fur vest for my wife this past October and we are very happy with our purchase.  The service was great and the quality excellent.  My wife also took her full length fur to Dimitri in February and he did a terrific job with the redesign. The 1st week she wore the coat she had 3 people comment on the design.  I would highly recommend Dimitri Furs to anyone!

SLQ3578 01/11/2012 

I own 2 furs from Dimitrios, can't say enough about the quality and style of their furs, sold at fair prices.  They also handle their own fur storage with a quick in /out turnaround.  I have noticed many customers having furs redesigned or altered there - also have a reputation for excellence in repair- redesign. Nice shop - worth the trip. Call if you plan on stopping by end of day - if they are quiet, sometimes they'll close a little early. If they know you are coming - they'll stay open for you.

bennettsgirl3va 01/12/2009 

Quality Furs & Personal Service I have just purchased my 3rd fur  from Dimitris Furs. The furs of the  finest quality & the service is personalized. I highly recommend!

lisa1933 07/26/2008 

Excellent service what a work of art on my remodel i love it also the service and honesty was excellent...