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IN SEASON: During the fur wearing season, furs should be placed away from any direct light or heat source as that will lend to drying out the fur skin. Leave room around your coat in the closet for the fur to have room to breathe. Furs must be cleaned once a year in order to keep the leather supple and the fur silky and shiny. Cleaning your fur will remove makeup and perfume residue and prevent oxidation from chemicals in those products. Reconditioning will help restore the sheen and luster to the fur as well as preventing tears and splitting from dried out leather. Regular inspections by a fur professional for maintenance and repairs will ensure the long life of a fur. All furs require a little maintenance. A stitch in time... so they say, will be far less costly in the long run.

ON WEARING YOUR FUR COAT: To prevent accidental pulling of the seams and lining, lift the shoulder from inside the coat when taking it off the hanger. Pulling the coat off of the hanger can cause the pelts and lining to rip. Fur is durable, but it can be fragile at the same time. Use a broad-shouldered hanger to hang your coat and never crowd your fur.

CARING FOR THE FUR IF IT GETS WET: Fur is naturally water-repelling, but if the coat gets soaked through to the leather, you should immediately bring it to a furrier for treatment to prevent it from shrinking. If it gets wet in the rain, shake it out and hang it up to dry. Do not put furs in plastic or vinyl bags for extended periods of time. To fluff your coat, hold it upside down and shake it - this will fluff the fur.

OFF SEASON: Never moth proof a fur. If you are worried about moth damage, that is another reason for storing your fur during the warm months. Bring your coat (or call us for a complimentary pick-up) for storage in our humidified, temperature-controlled vaults and we will treat your garment with our special cleaning, glazing, and reconditioning methods that will help preserve the life of your fur, leather and shearling. Do not allow jewelry or shoulder bag straps to rub against fur. Do not pin jewelry or flowers on your fur.

For further information on furs, visit these two sites:

Fur Council of America at www.fur.org and International Fur Trade Federation at www.IFTF.com.