Dimitrios Furs provides expert, fast and friendly repairs and alterations for all of your luxury outerwear, including:

  • Fur
  • Leather
  • Shearling
  • Cashmere and other mixed material items.  
  • Pricing:

    Pricing repairs depends on the type of repair or alteration, type of fur and extent of repair or damage remediation.  If you need new pelts, that will add to the cost. If we can use the fur from your coat, the cost of repairs may be less.  

    Please come in for a FREE consultation and we will provide you with several options.

    In addition to repairing or altering a garment, we also provide complete remodeling of an out-of-date style.  See more here:

    Repairs Include:

    • Repair, Tighten or Replace Hooks and Rings
    • European Hooks Rings - New or Replace
    • Fix Tears and Holes in your Fur
    • Clean and Restore Leather Garments
    • Smoke Damage Repair
    • Replacing worn out pelts
    Alterations Include:
    • Resizing Your Fur Garment
    • Lengthening or Shortening 
      • Hem
      • Cuffs
    • Adding Fur Trim to Just About Anything
    • Adding a Hood
    • Adding Collars and Cuffs from Your Leftover Fur
    • Moving Buttons, Rings or Hooks
    • Shoulder Pad Removal or Replacement
    • Add or Remove and Replace Monogram
    • Raise or Lower Armhole
    • Shearing mink, beaver, raccoon and certain types of fur
    • Adding Fur to other Non Fur Items
    • Pinch Back Neck 
    • Turn Jacket into a Vest

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