Fur Remodeling - Reclaim Your Fur!

Dimitrios Furs


Let expert furrier Dimitri show you how you can take the fur from one coat and turn it into two or three more pieces.  Add cuffs and a collar to a coat you have, make a vest from part of the coat and trim out another coat with sleeve and hem bands.

There are so many options for restyling that they are just too numerous to show.

Also, if you find something you love, and that fits you perfectly - let us add some fur to it.  Trim out a sweater or leather vest or add removable cuffs and a collar to a favorite jacket.

Our consultations are always free and friendly.  Let us show you the options and we will work within your budget.

Our friendly staff will objectively help you to choose a flattering style that enhances and compliments your body type.

Visit us at 429 North Country Road, St. James, (Long Island), NY 11780 - or call us at: 631-584-8200.

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