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REPAIR: Our master furriers can take care of any minor maintenance problems which can save you from unnecessary and expensive repairs.  Call for a free consultation.

CUSTOM DESIGN: Dimitrios Furs can custom design and make the fur of your dreams in any style, color and fur or luxury fabric and leather of your choosing. From pelt selection to the final fitting, you can be assured you will have the quality and style you desire. In addition to custom designs, we can reclaim and restyle an older coat. We can dye, restyle, shorten, lengthen, add a contrasting fur – the possibilities are endless. We’ll give your old fur a new look.

DYEING: You can breathe new life into a fur garment just by dyeing the garment. However We can dye most furs any color you want, but the fur must be three years old or less. The newer the fur, the better. Older furs will not be able to withstand the process and will fall apart. If you are considering changing the color of a fur garment, bring it in for a free consultation.

APPRAISALS: Your fur garments should be insured. With every purchase we will send you an appraisal certificate for your insurance company. We can also provide appraisals for garments that were inherited or given to you as a gift.

For a nominal fee, we can evaluate garments purchased elsewhere and provide you with an appraisal certificate.

MONOGRAMMING: If you have an older coat that you want monogrammed, we can add a pocket to the lining with your initials. 

RELINING: Replacing torn or worn out linings will extend the longevity of your coat and prevent the fur from wearing out. We can reline any coat with a variety of lining qualities and colors.  We can also turn your coat into a reversible raincoat.

SHORTENING AND LENGTHENING: The good thing about fur is that it can be reclaimed. Depending on the condition of your coat, you can do a number of things to bring an old style up-to-date. We can shorten, lengthen, add cuffs and collars in contrasting furs or take the coat completely apart and use it as trim on a wool or cashmere cape, leather jacket etc. We can also turn it into a lined or reversible jacket or coat or use it to make a removable vest or as a liner for a fabric garment - even have it knitted into a whole new creation. Because of new technologies, the possibilities are endless. 

POCKET AND ZIPPER REPLACEMENT: Simple repairs to pockets, zippers and closures can extend the life of your coat and give you a reason to wear it again.

TRADE-IN: Trading in your fur might be another option. Come in for an appraisal and consultation to determine if your fur is eligible. 

DELIVERY: We offer free delivery within a thirty mile radius.

LAY-AWAY: For a small deposit you can lay away any garment and take advantage of seasonal sales.

FINANCING: We have convenient financing options available.