Storage-Cleaning-Disinfect Packages for 3 or More Fur Coats

Dimitrios Furs



Multi Coat Discount - 3 or More Fur Coats:

$89 EACH Coat -x 3 = TOTAL $267.00

  Item to Cart and if you have more coats - select additional coat @ $89 and add the quantity for that item to cart.

 Our Storage and Cleaning Disinfect Packages include Pickup Service from NYC to Montauk (Long Island, NY).  
We are conveniently located on Route 25A in St. James and we've been happily providing great storage and cleaning services to our clients since 1990.

We give a courtesy inspection on all coats to see if any repairs are needed.  If we find anything, we will call you to discuss repair options.



$267 3 COATS

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